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Client Spotlight: Quezada

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New Quezada-Designed Animal Shelter Opens in San Francisco

The city's new $77 million San Francisco Animal Care & Control Facility (SFACC) is a multi-story center placed in a former power plant. The adaptive reuse of the structure from industrial to animal care required extensive seismic, mechanical, and electrical system and interior upgrades.

As the Department of Public Work's Prime Architect; Quezada Architecture managed a team of 14 sub-consultants in direct collaboration with the DPW's internal team.

"We're extremely proud of the project," Ariel Miller, Project Manager at Quezada said, "Over 1100 adoptions will occur this year in it", as she referred to the new facility.

A roof top dog area where dogs can relieve themselves is just one example of thoughtful design in this project. In addition this design enables staffers to flush dog poop down a porcelain and chrome structure instead of using plastic bags inside of bigger plastic bags to dispose of the waste! The latter was the disposal method used in the past at the old shelter.

Quezada Architecture was founded in San Francisco in 1994 and has been designing award-winning projects for clients committed to creative design combined with sustainability ever since.

For the past 26 years, the firm has focused on design excellence while supporting this design with well maintained, dependable and thoroughly executed project management and contract administration.


Ariel Miller
Assistant Project Manager 

"We're definitely on a doggie theme here at Quezada!" said Ariel Miller, Assistant Project Manager. "Now we're helping dogs in Santa Monica."

The Happy Dog Project is a new Los Angeles based non-profit looking to reinvent the dog and pet rescue process. Their core mission is to rescue dogs from kill shelters and train and socialize the animals to increase their chances of a successful adoption "The facility is re-imagined to include a café (to help fund the shelter) as well as dog lounges where people can come and relax with the dogs." Miller stated.

IT Issues Don't Dog Quezada!

"We use a host of platforms that complement each other, like Rhino, Inkscape, Revit, and InDesign. Ashe Cosgrove manages our relationships with all of them so we can stay project-focused," Miller stated.

"Ashe Cosgrove is always readily available, easy to reach, and responsive."

Happy Dog.jpg

How's Woody doing? Is he still an intern?

"Woody's doing great and we have hired him permanently!" Miller laughs, "It's great to have him and Timber here in the office. They're very good boys!" (Quezada's website lists them as K9 Security Staff) 

Congratulations from Ashe Cosgrove to Quezada on the SFACC Opening!

Ashe Cosgrove Knows Architects

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We know your platforms. Our vision is for our architectural firm clients to be able to focus on their business goals and be worry-free about their IT environment.


It's our mission is to provide intelligent systems support to help you succeed.

Are you an architectural firm with IT needs?


Contact us to see if your company is a good fit for Ashe Cosgrove.


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