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Client Spotlight: EDG


EDG Wins Top Award

2020 was a big year for Ashe Cosgrove client, EDG. We're proud of them for bringing home Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year Award for The Chinese National restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

In December, The Chinese National was awarded Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year Award in the Hotel Dining Category - one of the industry's most prestigious awards. Interior Design's Best of Year is the design industry's premiere design awards program, honoring the most significant work of the year. 


EDG is an award-winning global hospitality design and branding studio headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Dallas and Singapore.

Their client list includes renowned hoteliers, entrepreneurs, and signature chefs.


As a collaborative team of architects, designers, and brand strategists, they are united in shared passion for creating dynamic design solutions with a strategic edge.

David Barth.jpg

"We're extremely proud," David Barth, CFO + Partner at EDG, says, "Last year created a lot of challenges in the industry." 

With David’s guidance, EDG has developed a rigorous and accountable approach to their business practices and clear communication protocols with client teams throughout the world. He's been helping to steer the operation since 2007.

David Barth
CFO | Partner, EDG

EDG Trusts Ashe Cosgrove for IT 

"AutoCAD and Revit are great platforms and we like our folks using them and not having to spend time on license activations, deactivations, renewals and other issues that inevitably arise." Barth says.


"We recently upgraded from the subscription model to a network platform and Ashe Cosgrove took the headaches out of that process. They are our intermediaries for SketchUp as well and manage our Adobe relationships for InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop."


We used to be on the phone with Deltek, Ajera and Bluebeam issues - Ashe Cosgrove has freed us up from that."

Blueprint style 3D rendered house with white outlines on blue background.jpg

Ashe Cosgrove Performs on Special Projects


"Ashe Cosgrove ensures that we are up and running on a daily basis," Barth says, "but we had two recent projects where they really came through."


"First - our Avaya phone system was 12 years old and we needed to upgrade to 8x8. Much of this was manual work done by Ashe Cosgrove and because we have international presence the timing of everything had to be seamless. It was."

"Then - Covid. They helped us restructure our IT environment during beginning of the pandemic. Ashe Cosgrove was future-thinking and had a plan prepared for the changes we needed."


"The nature of our industry lends itself to our folks collaborating in person - a lot. Ashe Cosgrove had been proactive about the solutions we needed."

What's Next for EDG?

"We are thinking positively about 2021 - more awards!" Barth says. "But that's part of our culture. It's great place to be."


"We're excited about the opening of Montage Healdsburg. We worked to design the Sonoma County resort that emphasizes environmentally sensitive aesthetic to the wine country surroundings."

EDG Lobby.jpg

Ashe Cosgrove Knows Architects

We know your platforms. Our vision is for our architectural firm clients to be able to focus on their business goals and be worry-free about their IT environment.


It's our mission is to provide intelligent systems support to help you succeed.

Are you an architectural firm with IT needs?


Contact us to see if your company is a good fit for Ashe Cosgrove.


(707) 241-4866 

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