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Ashe Cosgrove allows you to
focus on your business goals and be worry-free about your IT environment

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Will Exceed Your Expectations


Knowledge Base

When you bring Ashe Cosgrove on, you are getting a team of knowledge. We take a “Shark Tank” approach to each issue you have - everyone gives advice on what’s best for the client and the best decision is made.

At the same time, it is drastically cheaper to bring us on then it is to hire an IT employee who tinkers with everything but has no in-depth experience in specific situations.

Client Advocate

We are the client advocate for ensuring you have the right systems to meet your business vision. We are not co-branded with any other companies and have no partner quotas with anyone.

We act as your independent purchasing agent, and we give you unbiased consulting on what you need.

Software Management

While we are not a software provider, we help solve software issues with the software providers that you have (we speak their language) so you can focus on your business - something not all IT companies do. 


We only hire the best. Solving your IT issues is our talent. We have other talents too! Here is our CEO Vance entertaining the world on the internet during the quarantine.

ACC Server Room.png


1465 N. McDowell Blvd. #160, Petaluma, CA 94954

Sales (707) 241-4866

General (707) 241-4860

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